About us

Strategy > Plan > Execution

Our approach is based on building a series of partnerships. First, we consider our clients more like Partners. We sit on the same side of the table to make change happen, and we work alongside each other to position the organization to get awarded.

Secondly, Incite recommends a strategic approach to long-term funding: 1) Collaborate with institutions relevant to the funding mission, and 2) Discover innovative ways to tackle the issues addressed by the grant through those new relationships. By helping to develop the organization, we’ve been able to change its funding trajectory.

Incite delivers a custom strategy–with a timeline and measurable benchmarks–to
1. ACCELERATE your ability to meet funding goals.
2. SCALE your operations to achieve the greatest influence.
3. SUSTAIN your success and support from funders.

Non profits who partner with Incite can expect a team approach to proposal development, from identification to submission. We assign an integrated team to help you achieve your mission: a strategist, writer(s), editor and external evaluator.

We use a conversion rate analysis formula to maximize the probability of award, thereby protecting your time.

We can provide tools such as Fund Development calendars powered by Salesforce® with real-time updates as necessary.

Our Services

Pre-Award Services

Grant Writing, Donor Support and Corporate Cultivation
We assist with the full spectrum of fund development. We have qualified access to members- only grant databases and tools.

Building collaboration is an art form. We offer customized, detailed one-on-one partnership- building plan. Incite is known for project/partner management in order to increase impact and outreach.

Post-Award Services

We provide automated reminders, completed reporting documents and facilitation of communication with funders. No software in place? We can help organize your work.

It’s not enough to manage reporting deadlines. We can help you consistently involve your partners and make sure they know they are appreciated in order to maintain their interest for a renewed contract.